I am a flawed man who battles the forces of darkness with the help of Jesus Christ every day and night. Many times I have fallen and God has brought me back into His fold even though I didn't have the strength to want to leave the darkness.

God has shown me in my dreams and visions of the future that despite the fact I am so very unworthy, the future has already been decided and my soul will rest God forever at the End of Days. The message God has shown me over and over is to trust in Jesus Christ and your soul will be secure with Him. God will do whatever it takes to make sure that in the End of Days you are one of His sheep forever and ever.


I had a dream in March of 2020. In that dream I was at a business somewhere. I was trying to purchase something. The man taking my payment card said my card wouldn't work. I said that can't be right as my card had plenty of money on it. Then many other people started saying in great panic "The bank cards aren't working anymore." Somehow all the bank cards stopped working very suddenly everywhere.


I had this vision sometime around 1994 or 1995. In this vision I saw a man leading an invasion force. He was completely bald. He wore a gray uniform with military patches or emblems around the uniforms upturned straight edge neck collar. The rest of the uniform was all plain darkish with no medals or decorations besides those on the collar. The uniform was very modern looking. A sort of blend between a military uniform and a priests uniform. On the side of his head towards the back was a large scar of a wound that had been healed. He was slightly older but still in very fit shape. It was hard to tell how old he was since he was totally bald and wore a pair of round rimmed metallic tinted sun glasses.

This Bald Man was on the very front lines of an invasion. There was a palace style building his troops had surrounded. This building held leaders of a government. This government palace looked to be built during the 19th century or older and of the type associated with old world Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. The men in the government palace were terrified and were looking back over their shoulders as they ran away from the window balconies to find cover from the constant barrage of laser pulses. They knew there was no stopping the Bald Man and his army and he had caught them by total surprise. I got the sense that there had been some antagonism between the two parties but this government had not expect the Bald Man would actually attack them over it without warning. The government people had no weapons to match the laser rifles of the Russians. The Bald Man led an army of Russians. These Russians had rifles that shot laser pulses. The government palace had stone shell cupped balconies and they were getting hit by the laser pulses. Pieces of stone were crumbling off the balconies of the government palace every time they got hit.

The Bald Man had something about him that made me feel that this man is Germanic or has something to do with Germany. His mannerisms were of Germanic like. Cold, confident, calculating yet not outwardly overly boastful, yet with a slight smirk on his face. More than this God told me this Bald Man and the people he fights are from very old royal bloodlines. They have been hiding in the shadows for centuries but now they are flexing the muscles of their secret shadow armies which had brought them to the top of world shadow leadership. The bulk of the people fighting for them don't even know who they really are. They don't even know they are really fighting their secret battle to decide who would rule supreme.

God told me their family names but I can not remember them. All I can remember that their family names are very long they sounded to me like Greek or Turkish. A feeling I have is that their families last were in prominance from the Eastern Roman Empire Byzantium and Constantinople as I heard similar family names in a documentary about them. Note that also the antichirst is often called a prince more than a king. I believe that is because he has secret royal blood he will conceal until he takes the Roman world throne but not of full fledge royal inheritance. More than that I was told I am distantly related to this man as we think very similar. I was told he has chosen Satan and I have chosen God and I will be a testament against him. We had the same blood and the same chance to follow God despite our inner demons. My family line, if my family tales are true, are of illegitmate decendents of Charlemagne so somehow I think that blood line factors into the equation of who he decends from and why we think in the same manner. The Bald Man new the victory was his and that he was unstoppable. He had absolutely no fear. He was on the very front line with his Russians troops each crouched on one knee in a line aiming their laser rifles at the balconies above them. There wasn't a lot of troops with him but the combination of the weapons and their fearlessness made them seem an unstable force.

I could feel what this Bald Man was feeling and what was in his mind. He felt he was doing what he was born to do. He felt that this was his destiny. He was doing the impossible yet it was completely easy for him to do. This was only the beginning of what he was going to do - he had many scores to settle and wrongs to right. During my vision I almost admired the man because of his might and fearlessness but there was at the same time a fear in my heart because I knew this man was a man of great evil unlike none the earth has every seen or ever will see again. He will seem almost a David vs Goliath when he begins but by the time he is finished all that are God's children will despise the Bald Man more than any man that has ever lived or ever will live. The Bald Man will bring great sorrow to God and God's people both Jew and Christian alike.


This dream I had in 2005. My dream begins with a vision of a man. This man has been taken prisoner by the forces of Satan and the Antichrist. This man is the last great leader of the Church of Christ. The Holy Man looks very much like Jesus looks like in paintings and he wears white robes like the saints will wear in Heaven. The Holy Man has been washed holy and pure yet he is here on earth to lead the sheep of Christ. This last Church leader is younger perhaps in his thirties just as Jesus was during his ministry.

Satan in the form of man takes the Holy Man to a huge cavern which is a ruin of a once great church building. The forces of the Antichrist are slaughtering more Christians there then one could ever imagine. There is an almost endless sea of bloody slaughtering of people. As far as can be seen there are masses of bloody bodies and those being slaughtered by the sword. Satan tells the Holy Man that if he tells all these Christians to make some slight compromises and stop their resistance then they will all be spared. Of course these slight compromises are against the Word of God. All the Holy Man has to do is give the word and it will all stop. Many Christians will do what the Holy Man says for they know he is the Last Shepard of God. The heart of the Holy Man is in deep sorrow for all the sheep being slaughtered for the name of Jesus Christ, but he wonít tell them to follow the Antichrist. For he knows if he does that the sheep will burn in Hell forever. The Holy Man refuses Satan. Oddly enough Satan doesn't seem like he is in much interest to persist in selling his offer to the Holy Man nor does Satan seem to think he can sell the offer no matter how hard he tries. Satan is very angry and he orders that the Holy Man be taken to be executed in a far off land. More than this I sensed Satan is very busy concentrating. His mind is part of an AI computer system running the entire war plans against God's people on earth so he can't spare anymore time.

The next thing I see is the Holy Man is on a ship where he is a prisoner in a sealed room. I can feel what the Holy Man is thinking and feeling. He doesnít know if this is the end for him. He prays for strength enough to die for Jesus or to be rescued, which ever God determines must be done. He prays that he will not give in to Satan and he will not mislead the sheep of the world that have been entrusted to him by God.

The Holy Man is looking out a small round port window of the ship he has been taken prisoner on. Suddenly outside the port window the Holy Man hears a knock and a very odd looking cartoonish little man is there. This Little Man is very short in stature and he has a big smile on his face. The Little Man tells the Holy Man that God has sent him to free the Holy Man and the Holy Man is to come with him out into the sea. The Little Man is freeing a number of prisoners from the ship that they have been taken captive on. Even though the port window is very small somehow the Little Man fits through the window. The Little Man takes the Holy Man by the hand and pulls him through the port window. This is a great a miracle because the port window is only about 1 or 2 feet in diameter. Somehow the Holy Man stretches like rubber through the port window. The Holy Man and a number of people are in the sea swimming and the prison ship is going off in the distance unaware of the escape of the prisoners. The Holy Man is having a hard time swimming in the water and eventually blacks out.

The next I see the Holy Man is waking up and he has been washed ashore on a beach. He doesnít see anyone around and he isnít sure how long he has been out. He is surprised that he is alive. As the Holy Man walks away from shore he sees an awning made of leafs and wooden beams. Underneath the awning is bunch of wooden file cabinet like drawers. The Holy Man is wondering what happened to the Little Man and the rest of the escaped prisoners.

When the Holy Man opens one of the drawers in the file cabinet like structure he finds the Little Man there dead squashed into a drawer. Even though the Little Man is dead and has been killed by the forces of the Antichrist, the Little Man has a huge smile on his face. He was happy to die in the service of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even though he was tortured to tell the forces of the Antichrist where the Holy Man was he didn't tell them where the Holy Man was. Because of this the soldiers of Satan have erroneously decided that the Holy Man has already gone in a direction far from where he actually is.

These soldiers, who looked like Roman legions of thousands of year past, are all darkly dressed and some have long black cloaks. Where the Roman legions wore red they instead wear black in its place. I was told they are possessed by demonic spirits that once possessed Roman legions serving the Emperors when Rome was once in its full power. I was told that these are a continuation of the original Roman legions and their empire has been revived in spirit and they are more powerful then they ever were in their former glory. I can sense their hate and might - they are merciless and destroy with a furious hatred all those that are loved by God. They have spread a darkness over all the Earth. The world is almost as if it has been transformed into to a world of long past when men butchered each other like animals with no love for anyone and no sense of modern civilization's morality.

These soldiers never even guessed the Holy Man was still in the same area where they caught and killed the Little Man. The Holy Man cries and says to God that this was the greatest warrior in the war of the end yet he was such a little man in stature. My dream ends with the Holy Man finding other Christians and getting ready to continue leading the resistance against the Antichrist. The Holy Man knows that the Little Man made a giant sacrifice for God and because of this the Holy Man can continue to do the will of Christ. The Holy Man gives thanks to God that he has given such a man of short statue such a great task in the time of the end.



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